The Clayton Food Tour is giving Johnston County & beyond residents & those visiting Clayton the opportunity to try Clayton’s local cuisine on a food tour. We are taking the extra step to encourage residents, locals, and visitors of Clayton to not only shop local, but also dine local.  As a part of this encouragement the Clayton Food Tour has been born.  

I loved this tour!! The food was outstanding at every business! I enjoyed the fellowship and fun of the group, meeting new people around town and wow! So much food! Even came home with goodie bags! Excellent tour!


The Food Tour was awesome! My husband and I went as a couple, and we had several friends go as well, so it was a fun night out on the town with our friends. We got plenty of food (and even carried some back home) and we got to tour Clayton in beautiful weather. I've lived here my whole life and I learned new things and tried new foods at our stops that I hadn't tried before. This tour is for visitors, newcomers and life long residents. We will definitely be going again!


20 lucky participants will have the opportunity to experience several different varieties and tastes from around the town.  You can experience this amazing event for $39 per person.   We also offer private tours and corporate tours that are super for weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, team building, convention goers, and much more.  We have the Food & Shopping Tour, the Food Beer & Wine Tour, the Food & Entertainment Tour, and the Food & Art Tour.  For more information visit the Clayton Food Tour on Facebook

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