I loved this tour!! The food was outstanding at every business! I enjoyed the fellowship and fun of the group, meeting new people around town and wow! so much food! Even came home with goodie bags! Excellent tour!


The Food Tour was awesome! My husband and I went as a couple, and we had several friends go as well, so it was a fun night out on the town and our friends. We got plenty of food (and even carried some back home) and we got to tour Clayton in beautiful weather. I've lived here my whole life and I learned new things and tried new foods at our stops that I hadn't tried before. This tour is for visitors, newcomers and life long residents. We will definitely be going again!


My wife and I were able to attend the prelaunch event for the Clayton Food Tour and not only was the night filled with great food, but it was also really fun! We definitely plan on attending again, especially the Food, Beer and Wine Tour coming up.


The Clayton Food Tour was a great opportunity to really get an inside look at the eateries and venues the Town of Clayton has to offer . The food was excellent and we even had enough to bring back home! Along with other great tasting food from steak to pizza to cheesecake , I had crab cakes and horderves with spinach and strawberries for the first time. Two things I would've never eaten if I wasn't on this tour. I'm not much if a risk taker nowadays but I was impressed so I went for it. Anyway, if you take part in these tours you will be impressed as well. Get to know Clayton, one bite at a time!

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